About WeThinkBig

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WeThinkBig is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving student outcomes, teacher effectiveness and educational innovation through initiatives that:

  • Foster collaboration;
  • Incentivize action; and
  • Catalyze breakthroughs;

among educators, business and key players in the region.

We believe that with its:

  • World-class School of Education and Research Universities;
  • Forward-thinking school districts and outstanding educators; and
  • Emerging entrepreneurial sector;

Madison and the Dane County region have the potential to become a vibrant regional hub of learning innovation and student success.

Diverse players, new relationships, and cultural shifts will be needed to make this happen.

WeThinkBig exists to bring innovators across the education/business and public/private sectors to collaborate, learn, challenge, recognize and advance excellence in education.

WTB’s programs reflect its role as:

  • Catalyst
  • Convener
  • Collaborator
  • Creator
  • Connector
  • Communicator, and
  • Champion

for educational innovation in the Region.

WTB fosters an environment where Wisconsin Educators, Employers and the entire Community are Thinking Big to share, learn and work together for the benefit of all students!

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