Gold Sponsor: UW Extension

In an increasingly entrepreneurial business environment, Wisconsin has a lot of room to grow to produce start-up companies. With a huge range of offerings for people in Wisconsin and beyond, the University of Wisconsin-Extension is uniquely poised to produce innovative, forward-thinking citizens who will create and guide the businesses of the future.

UW-Extension educational programs and research meet people where they are and provide tools to help them make their ideas real. With the UW Flexible Option, an educational partnership between UW-Extension and other University of Wisconsin System institutions, adult learners earn UW degrees through project-based learning, and using the skills and experiences that they bring with them. Programs in the Division for Business and Entrepreneurship can assist new businesses to secure funding, develop launch plans and market themselves for future success. Innovative approaches at Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television connect Wisconsin residents with important news and trends that impact the business climate. And Cooperative Extension offices in each Wisconsin county bring UW research and expertise to businesses, families and communities around the state.

Visit to learn more about the UW-Extension services around Wisconsin.





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